The Spirituality Myth! Shocking Truth about spirituality, religion and materialism

The Spirituality Myth! Shocking Truth about spirituality, religion and materialism

Sounds like a good name for a book, doesn’t it! In fact I may write a book and give it this title. or maybe I should write this first and see how it goes…yeah maybe that is a better idea.

Facebook used to have a very visible section on the about page where members could input their religious views. I noticed that many, many people would write “Spiritual, not religious” in this section.

Of course I can’t speak for everyone, but many people think that it is somehow better to be spiritual and worse to be religious. This is a trap. it is like saying the walls of the house are better than the foundations, or windows are better than doors.

There are people that perceive themselves as being spiritual and then look down on folks that are more centred on the material plane. Then there are those that are more fully in the material plane that will look at those that see themselves as spiritual as being weak, gullible and naive people who can’t hack the real world so they have to make up imaginary stuff. True story!

So who is more correct? Well it reminds me of the story of the five blind men who had never encountered an elephant and didn’t know what one was. An elephant entered their village and they all expressed an interest in connecting with this elephant 

One of them took hold of the trunk and said, “Oh an elephant is rather like a thick branch.” 

Another took hold of a leg and said “No, you are incorrect. An elephant is like a tree.”

Yet another took hold of a tusk and said, “No, both of you are wrong an elephant is like a hard pipe.”

Another placed his hands on the side of the elephant and argued that an elephant is like a wall. And the fifth took hold of the elephants tail and couldn’t understand how the rest were so stupid, expressing that an elephant was like a rope, of course!

They began to argue and fight, all of them so sure of their experience and so certain that they were right. Just at that time a wise old man was walking past and asked what the matter was.

The five blind men told the wise old man they each knew the truth of what an elephant was like. The old man laughed and told them that they were all right. Each of them had a piece of the truth and if they pieced each of their truths together then they would really know what an elephant was like.

The wise old man then told the blind man that had touched the elephants tail that he was fortunate, because at another time he may have been covered in shit and then his experience of the elephant would be completely different again.

The arguing and fighting stopped and the men all laughed. They felt happy that each of them had a piece of the truth of what makes up an elephant and that they had an even fuller picture of the reality of an elephant.

Now this story has nothing to do with our reality, it is only a story about an elephant! 😉 

With appreciation,

Matthew Armstrong


“Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our greatest treasure”

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