The Prosperity Code – The Tapping Solution For Limiting Beliefs And Unconscious Resistance To Wealth – Lesson 4

The Prosperity Code – The Tapping Solution For Limiting Beliefs And Unconscious Resistance To Wealth – Lesson 4

The first 3 principles of The Prosperity Code are the foundational core of becoming wealthy and prosperous and now in lesson 4 we are going to have a look at a phenomenal tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Meridian Intelligence Tapping.

Meridian Tapping is one of the most powerful tools and techniques that humans have been given to create rapid change both internally and externally. It is so simple to do that most people find it hard to believe that it works, but it simply does.

EFT started off as a therapy for emotional issues and works by balancing out the body’s energy system. It works on the premise that all negative emotion is a result of a disruption in the body’s energy system.

When we tap on the various meridian energy points then we bring the body back to balance. As we are doing the tapping we must put our attention on that which is disturbing us, whether it be a traumatic event from the past or a potential worry or fear in the future.

Meridian tapping has also been found to be incredibly valuable in removing limiting beliefs around prosperity and wealth. Quite often the reason that we are not wealthy and prosperous is because we don’t feel that we are worthy or deserving of our desires.

Once we remove these internal and mainly unconscious blocks to wealth and prosperity, then the flood gates to abundance open and we look back in wonder at all those lean years.

We must ask ourselves the difficult questions.
“What has really been stopping me from creating wealth and prosperity in my life”?
“What are my deep unconscious beliefs around money”? 

We need to do an analysis of our life and our childhood especially to see what were our parents beliefs and what were we taught in school, or at church?

Aim to write down at least 40 limiting or negative beliefs that you may have around wealth, prosperity and money. there are no wrong answers so even if not sure, still write it down as only good can come from it.

There is a set up phrase that we use when tapping on the ‘karate chop point’. Here are a few examples:

“Even though I believe that money is evil, I completely forgive, love and accept myself!
“Even though I don’t believe I deserve to be wealthy and prosperous, I completely forgive, love and accept myself”
“Even though I believe there is something spiritual about being broke, I completely forgive, love and accept myself.”
“Even though I think people won’t like me if I become rich and successful, I completely forgive, love and accept myself.”
EFT Tapping meridian prosperity wealth
The set up phrase is said aloud and emphatically three times while tapping on the ‘karate chop point.’ Then simply repeating the limiting or negative belief, while tapping on the various meridian points around the body until we feel like it has shifted.

A good way to see if it has shifted is to ask the question:
“On a scale of zero to ten (with zero being neutral and ten being it hasn’t budged) how much of that limiting belief is still there”?

The first answer that comes out of our head is the right one, and then we can tap on that number. For example:

“Even though I have this number 5 belief money is evil and it is more spiritual to be broke, I completely forgive love and accept myself”

Keep tapping on this until it goes to zero. Perseverance is key as the unconscious mind will look for new ways to resist change, so being imaginative with the techniques and changing our approach when something isn’t working can be helpful too.

Below is a video I made on EFT a number of years ago. This will give you a  better idea

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