Santiago Trail – Resting in Granon – Day 14

Santiago Trail – Resting in Granon – Day 14

We were forced to take a rest day today in Granon by the Santiago Trail. There were very strong icy winds and knowing that we would be walking up about 200 metres elevation were it would have been even colder, I made the command decision to stay in the nice warm cosy albergue.

Nicole was our beautiful hospitalera from Austria, and she allowed us to stay an extra day, as the normal rule is that you can only stay in the albergue for one night. having baby Indigo with us sometimes gave us a few more perks that others might not get.

It was great because we got to know Nicole better and then got to meet some interesting guys that turned up that night, one Irish guy with a Leeds accent who was trying to catch up with his sister and her husband who had started a few days before him. Two german guys also turned up after walking 45 kilometres that day. they were all cold and soaking wet when they arrived.

Nicole was a pilgrim with a bicycle. She had cycled a few of the camino’s including the one that starts in Seville, she had cycled both ways. She was a tough, fit and independent girl. Hearing some of her stories made me realise that. I asked her was it easier on a bike and she relayed a few stories to me that made me realise that it could be even tougher.

She said that once on Santiago trail from Seville the clay mud was that thick, that it clogged up all around the wheels of her bike, so she would have to carry her bike a for a few hundred metres and then walk back and pick up her bags and carry them to her bike. One day she had to do this for 10km, which took all day.

Most pilgrims who decide to cycle would simply use the main road, but Nicole liked to cycle her very robust and heavy mountain bike along the same trails that the pilgrims walk along.

We had a quite miraculous syncronistic event today as Indigo was teething and the only pharmacy in town did not have anything homeopathic and we did not want to give him anything else which has side effects. It was a 2 hour walk to the nearest town, and no bus at that time so there was no way to get him any homeopathic remedies.

That evening when the two german guys arrived, one of them pulled out a full homeopathic kit, set it on the table, stating that he was a homeopath and did anyone want anything. Seriously what are the chances of that happening? he muscle tested me to see what would be best for Indigo to take. It came up for Chamomile and Belladona.

Some people think that homeopathic remedies are placebo effect, but how would indigo know what we were giving him. It worked like a charm and he had an excellent nights sleep that night, and patrick the homeopath gave us enough to bring with us for the rest of our camino along The Santiago Trail.

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