Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Matthew Armstrong - Martial Arts TeacherUltimately the reason for Martial Arts is to attain self- completion through cultivation of body and mind, and the true warriors purpose is to create peace.This is peace within oneself which then ripples out to others.

Martial Arts are not to be confused with sport arts, which build the competitive ego. Its not about competition, it is about co-operation

Our bodies are designed to move so therefore we must become masters of movement. The Martial Arts and more specifically Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Is the most effective, complete and in depth art and method of training that I have ever encountered, that through a life time of study one can steadily progress and consistently grow.
The Grandmaster of the Art (Hatsumi Soke) is 78 years young and moves with the ease of a child and the elegance and grace of a world class ball room dancer. He is an example to us all!
In the martial sense it is to move in the most efficient way to achieve the most effective outcome.


The reason we train with weapons is to fine tune our movement and to become more precise in all that we do. To increase our awareness and resourcefulness of our environment.
 I provide group classes, private tuition and am  also available for seminars

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