I Love My Haters – When you are a Youtube personality you will attract haters – How to fall in love with your haters!

I Love My Haters – When you are a Youtube personality you will attract haters – How to fall in love with your haters!

I haven’t written anything for almost  a week because I have been going through almost one thousand Youtube videos and updating keywords and adding new links to them — basically giving my Youtube channel a spring clean.

I had quite a laugh glancing at the various comments from people as I made my way through each video. The most entertaining comments came from “haters”. “Haters” seems to be a term that has come about since the phenomenon of social media — for me anyway.

I noticed one guy leave a negative, attacking comment on dozens of videos. He stated that it was his mission to destroy me and all I stood for. This actually made me feel quite important! 😉

What I also noticed was that I had no reaction to any negative comment, because it is all just opinion, and everyone has the right to an opinion, no matter how warped it may be. 

There were also thousands of positive comments as well from viewers saying how my videos had changed their lives and in some cases saved their lives. of course it feels good to hear this!

No one said that they watched my videos and their lives became worse. If this was the case then that would make me ponder. The negative comments were just viewers having an opinion on me and what I was saying or doing. 

I can safely say that I have come to a stage in my life where derogatory remarks from others are like water off a ducks back. They have zero effect on me, apart from the entertainment value. I actually burst out laughing at reading some.

Seriously, ask Victoria. She would look over to me and ask me what I was laughing at, and every time it was at the haters. Actually, that is a lie. There were a couple of times when I was laughing at my own humour in the video or my reply to the hater at the time.

I actually make money from the haters. On one video I saw a hater make a comment, which sparked off 273 more comments in reply to his comment. This of course bumps my video up in the search engines and gets it even more views, and the more views I get, the more money I make. Google is not biased, it just rewards activity, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

I sometimes talk about not caring what people think and how this is a powerful place to be once we can get over this hurdle as it allows us to self actualise our lives. Because if we are always concerned about our reputation and with what others think of us then we will never be ourselves as we will be censoring and placing limits on ourselves in an attempt to appease others in some way.

But what we are talking about here is the opinions of others. On any one Youtube video that I upload I can get a broad spectrum of opinions from viewers in the comment section. The love, the hate, It’s all good with me as these are simply these are points of view. 

If someone says something about me that is completely untrue, like I had committed some crime or something like that then that is a different matter. Then I would probably feel a need to speak up about this or make the truth be known to clarify for others. But if it is simply someones opinion, then this has nothing to do with me.

I have no interest or time to try and persuade others to see things from my point of view. This is truly a waste of energy. Some people come to learn from me and then I am happy to teach them, but if someone is in my company and wants to hold a low opinion of me, or make derogatory remarks then I have no interest in being in this persons company.

If you were to only get one thing from this then realise this. What anyone else thinks of you has nothing to do with you. While I can laugh at the name calling and attacks from some of those that view my videos, I also realise that that person is going through a hard time. They are stressed in some way and looking for a way to vent. Their personality is in a state of disintegration rather than integration. 

People used to come home and kick the cat or dog after a crappy day at work, but now they go on Youtube and attack “Youtubers” — and I love it!  

One more thing! When the voice and the vision on the inside becomes clearer and louder than all the remarks and opinions on the outside then you have begun to master and self actualise your life!

With appreciation,

Matthew Armstrong


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