How to Pause Your Aweber Autoresponder.

How to Pause Your Aweber Autoresponder.

Why would you want to Pause an Auto-responder Anyway?

Well, at the moment here at Empower Network we are doing a new product launch and so I am sending out emails to our subscribers about that.  I don't want to confuse them by sending out the ordinary follow up emails, and I also don't want to bombard them with emails when they are already receiving emails from me.

So today my partner Matthew asked me to 'Pause' our autoresponder.  Surely this should be a simple enough task.  You would imagine that any Internet Marketer doing a launch would want to pause their auto-responder and so Aweber would have a Pause button that you can just click, right?  WRONG!

For some reason Aweber just doesn't have this functionality.  What they recommend is that you go into each autoresponder message manually and change the Interval to 999.  And whilst this is ok if you only have a short auto-responder series. It is a huge Pain in the butt when you have a series of 50 or more email meesages, as I do.  

Here is Awebers Recommendation.

1. Hover over the Messages Tab and click on Follow Up Series.

2. To edit the second message in your follow up series, click on the edit button for the second message.

3. Click on "Settings" while in the message editor.

4. Change the interval value to be 999.

5. Repeat this for each email in the series.

Now… As I have tons of emails this solutions would take me ages… espceically on my current email connection. So if anyone has a recommendation, please leave a comment below and let me know.

Otherwise, I will post how I get on later. 

Until then. thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “How to Pause Your Aweber Autoresponder.

  1. if the second email does not go out for 999 days then the emails that follow will in not go out till that one does……………. I am guessing we will be back on track before then 🙂 …………. at that point re-adjust the date on message 2 and that should get it back on for new people

  2. For those in different message levels however, it probably will not stop them. What I am seeing is that most of the links in the emails are sending them to the new promo stuff (when you to a sample test), and so they are getting the launch video’s

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