Ayida Honor – Home Birth vs Birthing Center

Ayida Honor – Home Birth vs Birthing Center

In this clip Matthew speaks with Ayida Honor, about her experiences giving birth.

Ayida is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and vegan cook. She has given birth naturally to five children. Her first two children were born at a waterbirth center and her most recent births were born at home, delivered by her husband as free births. She works from home and homeschools her five children.

Ayida has completed her first cookbook, The Native Style Cookbook, a Family oriented approach to the plant-based diet which offers vegan recipes that are both healthy and delicious and tailored specifically for families to prepare together.
As an artist, Ayida offers her craft as jewelry designer specializing in beadwork reflective of Indigenous cultures worldwide.

She has also hosted several blogtalk shows including The First Teachers Show on Soul Visions Radio and she is currently the co-host of a weekly livestream show which focuses on positive male/female relationships, parenthood, diet and birth empowerment.

Ayida is available for 1 on 1 consultations specializing in male-female relationships, pregnancy, birth, marriage, vegan diet and personal growth. For more information you can email Ayida at: ayidahonor @ yahoo.com

For more information about her work, visit http://www.lenonhonor.com or visit their Youtube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/LenonHonorFilms

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