El Camino De Santiago – Granon to Villafranca – Day 15

El Camino De Santiago – Granon to Villafranca – Day 15

Setting off from Granon this morning on El Camino De Santiago, we walked straight into a cold head wind, which disturbed Victoria enough for her to turn around and walk back towards Granon.

The wind can be very mentally tough and it takes some reframing and state management to be able to manage it. Fortunately Victoria was able to make a little shift in her perception and she turned around again and started walking into the wind again with a new determination.

We stopped in the next village to warm ourselves and have a cup of tea. There was an old unassuming guy sitting at the end of the bar. I got talking to him and it turns aout that he was also a pilgrim who had made his life one constant pilgrimage in search of the divine, maybe.

To date he had walked 97,000 kilometres all over the globe. I asked him why he walked and a man of few words he simply said “promise”. He then allowed us to look through his credentials and there was a newspaper cutting stating that he was a fisherman whose boat had overturned in rough seas.

He prayed while drowning in the water that if God saved him he would live the rest of his life in faith and service. Out of 17 seamen he was the only survivor. So he became a pilgrim. He has no money and walks on faith that all he needs will be provided.

This meeting gave Victoria a boost of faith to keep walking along the strange road to Santiago. I beleive that it may be the greatest virtue and attribute of man is to keep going, no matter what the odds or circumstances. It is said that if you find yourself in hell, keep going!

The Grandmaster of the martial art I practice would often tell us to keep going. Failure is impossible if we keep going. Sometimes we have to readjust, and sometimes through illness or injury we must rest, but still with the mindset and the vision of keeping going, of improving and expanding ourselves.

We are either growing or dying, there is no in between. Modern society does not support consistent growth and improvement, and so it is something that we must choose to value and develop within ourselves. Most people think that learning stops when we leave school or university. These people often get left in the dust of those that are committed to life long learning.

We must keep learning, keep growing and keep stepping outside our comfort zones if we are to experience deep life fulfillment. It was Helen keller that said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” I tend to agree and I see life as a grand and exciting adventure.

There are many elderly people that are afraid to leave their house. This is not usually something that happens overnight, but something that happens over time. Because they become trapped by their routine, they become afraid to step out of this routine, to step outside their comfort zone. A comfort zone that is not stretched, begins to shrink, it cannot stay the same as I already mentioned. It is either expanding or shrinking.

For those that don’t understand why we are walking the strange road to Santiago, then this is part of the philosophy why. We are learning, growing and stretching our comfort zones on El Camino De Santiago.

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