Camino De Santiago De Compostela – Puente La Reina Day 6

Camino De Santiago De Compostela – Puente La Reina Day 6

Today on the Camino De Santiago De Compostela we stayed put in a town called Puente La Reina. I had deep blisters and was incapable of walking any distance. And after the previous nights 10 hour walk, we were both ready for a break. Puente La Reina was a town that Paulo Coelho talks about visting in his International bestselling book, “The Pilgrimage”.

Reading his book 10 years ago was my first introduction to The Camino de Santiago and I felt inspired to do it. Many times since then I have heard, read or seen many things about it which only added to the attraction of one day walking it. We saw the movie “The Way” with Martin Sheen almost 2 years ago which sparked our interest, as Victoria also had it as one of her dreams to one day walk the Camino De Santiago De Compostela.

I was never consciously searching for information or stories about the Camino De Santiago, it was the Camino itself that seemed to seek me out. I see the Camino as a field of inteliigence able to beckon those that it wishes to tread the way.

Once I was at a personal development seminar and one of the speakers talked about her experience walking the Camino De Santiago. Her name was Doris Mohsl and even though she was unable to complete the Camino, she had an incredibly inspiring story. You see Doris like myself developed some blisters, but hers became infected with what was later found to be a deadly virus, or bacteria.

Doris ended up having to be airlifted from the camino. The doctors informed her that out of every one hundred people infected with this particular virus ninety eight of them die. That meant that she had a 98% chance of dying, and if she didn’t die she would certainly lose her leg.

Doris was told to prepare for the worst and make the necessary arrangements. What the doctors did not realise is that Doris had been personally trained By the legendary Tony Robbins and she knew that she could change her reality by changing her attitude of mind with a simple yet powerful shift in perception.

She told the doctors that, that was great and she was so relieved to hear that there was a 2% chance of living, because she was in that 2% and not to bother amputating her leg because that was going to get well all by itself. The doctors soon began to realise that Doris was not your average gal as bouquets of flowers filled her entire room and out into the hallway from members of the Tony Robbins community all over the world.

The Doctors were then stunned to see her condition steadily improve until she was 100% well, without any amputation necessary. What made Doris well. Well when we understand that the body is a denser manifestation of the mind, and the best doctor we will ever have is our ever residing internal one then seemingly miraculous things can happen.

Doris refused to be afraid and instead put all her focus on getting well, and I guess all the love she received from well wishers around the globe probably greatly helped as well.

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