Camino De Santiago – Walking From Burgos – Day 17

Camino De Santiago – Walking From Burgos – Day 17

Walking the Camino De Santiago from Burgos and into the back and beyond!

Today we left Burgos on foot heading for Hornillos del Camino. The weather on the camino De Santiago had really brightened up from the previous day. We bought some ponchos so we could brave the stormy weather that was expected up ahead. Having these ponchos gave me more faith that we would be able to complete the camino.

Victoria’s poncho covered Indigo and he still had room and was able to breathe okay,  and the poncho I had covered my back pack so kept everything dry.

There have been a few times were Victoria has said that she is quitting the camino and going home.  This is very tough for me as once I make a decision to do something, I am 100% committed and the idea of not completing it bar illness or injury, just wouldn’t enter my mind.

I believe that the key ingredient to life success and fulfillment is perseverance. Too many people give up on their dreams only yards before their accomplishment. I see this all around me and only if they would have kept going and persevered they would be much happier and fulfilled.

One of the biggest reasons why people quit is their reason to succeed is not strong enough. If I ducked your head under water and held you there, you would do evrything in your power to breathe another breath. You would not quit no matter what, as long as you where conscious you would do whatever it takes to breathe again.

What I have done, is wired my brain to associating quitting anything that I have initially felt inspired to do to be equal to quitting on Life. So therefore I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of quitting something like the Camino De Santiago, because I felt inspired to do it.

The moral of the story then is to only do things that we feel inspired to do, and to associate quitting on something that we are inspired to do to be equal to quitting on Life. This way we won’t let obstacles get in our way. We will find the way around them, through them or simply realise that they are illusions, put there for us to learn to see through them.

In life we will come up against many obstacles, some of them feeling like brick walls on the path to our dreams. Those that don’t manage to get through the brick walls simply don’t want it enough.

Many people have learned to be helpless. This means that they have had so many disappointments that they have wired their brain to expect failure and disappointment. Once a person has been hardwired this way then they won’t even try, even when an opportunity gets handed to them on a plate.

I understand this, so I can avoid it. It is important to know how the human brain works in regards to our behaviours, for it directs our whole life, and if we don’t learn to become the captain of our ship then we can find ourselves washed up on the rocks, shipwrecked.

These are some of the things that go through my head as I am walking the camino. there is much time to think and analyze our life and to see why we do the things we do and how we have got to where we are in life. Walking The Camino De Santiago is very effective in giving us time to reflect on these things and to know ourselves on a deeper level.

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