Day 22 Walking The Camino De Santiago – Moratinos to Bercianos de Real Camino

Day 22 Walking The Camino De Santiago – Moratinos to Bercianos de Real Camino

Day 22 Walking The Camino De Santiago – Moratinos to Bercianos de Real Camino

We woke up to a white winter wonderland this morning on The Camino De Santiago, or maybe we had stumbled headfirst into Narnia. Either way it all seemed very magical. The snow just stopped falling as we left ALbergue st Bruno in Moratinos.

We had a lovely comfortable stay there and got to enjoy the underfloor heating, which kept us nice and cosy through out the night. We were the last to leave. The Irish man went first, then the Brazilian and Chilean boys.

It wasn’t long before we caught up with the South Americans on the Camino. They had some niggling injuries which slowed their pace a little. Our feet crunched through the snow on the camino which was a beautiful sound and much more so than the slurping of the mud we had encountered for much of the Camino De Santiago.

We could see the foot prints from the elusive foxes and other small animals along the Camino, but then we noticed that there were no more foot prints…where had the Irish guy gone! He left well before us and not enough snow had fallen to cover his tracks so he must have gone the wrong way or opted to walk on the main road incase the snow got too bad.

After passing through a fairly ugly larger town called Sahagun the snow disappeared and we were no longer in Narnia, but back on the Camino De Santiago.

Our stops are longer than most as we have a baby and so he needs breast fed and nappies/diapers changed regularly, so we were passed once again by the South Americans, and who knows what happed to the Irish chap…maybe he had found himself a bar that served Guinness in Sahagun!

We arrived in Bercianos De Real Camino late in the afternoon after walking 23 kilometres. We were supposed to walk 27km to the next town, but Victoria had had enough for the day and it was getting late. After walking around and around the almost desolate town we found an albergue that was open.

Albergue Santa Clara, a well known albergue on the Camino De Santiago for it’s saintly hospitalera, who invited us into her home and only charges a donation for your stay. The beds were made up with clean sheets and quilts so we didn’t need our sleeping bags. This was a first for us!

She did our laundry for us and again there was no extra charge, only a donation. We cooked that night in her kitchen and got to meet her husband and mother who also lived there. One other Pilgrim stayed in Albergue Santa Clara that night and he was a very big German guy, that was maybe 6 foot 7 inches and did not speak a word of English or Spanish. He had a warm smile which was enough communication for us.

Another day done and dusted on the Camino De Santiago.

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