Camino De Santiago For Mind Body And Spirit – Day 18

Camino De Santiago For Mind Body And Spirit – Day 18

Why Would anyone want to walk the Camino De Santiago

Walking The Camino De Santiago is holistic in nature. It works and develops the mind body and spirit. When I say develops I mean it strengthens, cleanses, purifies and aligns us. We met a French guy today who was actually walking backwards along the Camino De Santiago after already completing the camino.

He cycled from Paris to St jean Pied De Port in the Pyrenees and then walked the Camino Frances, which of course is the same camino that we are walking and the most popular one. He was already half way back along it when we met him. I asked him why he was walking the camino backwards and he said he was returning to Paris exactly the way he came in the first place.

Most people once they reach Santiago De Compostela or For those that keep walking onto Finisterre, will normally take some form of public transport home such as bus, train, plane or all three. Very few people choose to walk back. Maybe 1 in a thousand or less.

The friendly french man said that he felt like walking back because for one he had no time constraint as he was a student. Secondly he said that everyday he walked his body felt stronger, his mind became more clear and spiritually he felt more connected to source.

It made perfect sense to me and I also see walking the camino as not only an adventure but a life strengthening process for mind, body and spirit. We are pilgrims and while all pilgrims have various different reasons for making a pilgrimage, the benefits that are received from walking the camino are really the same for everyone.

The body will be strengthened, programs in the mind will be cleared and spiritually we will make a stronger connection. I believe that this is virtually inevitable. Many people who don’t understand why a person would put themselves through a hardship like this, simply do not understand the benefits.

It is not all hardship of course. We have fun, we feel a sense of freedom and we do receive blessings daily while on the camino. We meet interesting people and get to see beautiful countryside while breathing in the fresh air.

It is a simple life being a pilgrim. Everyday we walk, we eat and we sleep. There is not too much else in between. We are removed from the stresses of modern day life which can be overwhelming at times as we multi task our way through life.

This life that we live is a pilgrimage from when we are born to when we die, and who knows what happens before and after that. To be a pilgrim we don’t actually have to go on a set pilgrimage, because our life already is one if we choose to see it that way. It was Helen Keller that said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” and that is exactly what our pilgrimage along the Camino De Santiago is…a daring adventure!

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