Camino De Santiago De Compostela Day 8

Camino De Santiago De Compostela Day 8

The Camino De Santiago went easy on me today as I had on my new boots and I didn’t have to carry my rucksack. We walked from Ayegi to Los Arcos and were able to enjoy and beautiful sunny day albeit a little windy and breathtaking scenery.

Many people choose to carry some form of walking stick while walking the camino De Santiago, whether it be a tree branch found on the side of the path or the graphite hiking poles that can be purchased in outdoor stores. I bought a rake pole from a hardware store which was nice and solid incase I had to defend us from an attacking dog, which isn’t unheard of on The Camino.

I find thta the stick helps with both focus and keeping a rhythm while walking. Victoria used my stick for part of today and i really noticed the difference of not having it. My mind would wander and my energies became a little scattered. I was missing my stick!

Focus is one of the key components to success in any endeavor. Everything that is, was created by energy; and so the more focused our energy is, the more able we are to create or manifest that which we desire. I first heard this from Tony Robbins, when he said, “where focus goes, energy flows”!

And it is so true. My greatest successes were when I was of single mind, completely obsessed with what I was doing and not letting anything distract me. Those have always been the times when i was able to create something outstanding in my life. And the things that did not work out so well were when my focus was scattered amongst a number of different projects.

It takes a little discipline to be focused and we also need a big reason why we need to be focused on a particular subject. All great artists, musicians, athletes and entrepreneurs in business, had tremendous focus when absorbed in their craft.

When we are inspired then we don’t need discipline so much as the inspiration itself guides our actions and our focus. So in life we need to find what inspires us, what lights us up and put ou attention on that and then we can surely make a success of it.

Some practical things that help focus are being hydrated, and that means drinking at least a couple of litres of water everyday. Making sure that we are eating a good range of nutrients and adequate amount of carbohydrates to fuel our cells and our brain. Remembering to breath deeply through the nose sending oxygen to the brain.

These are all things that I remember to do while walking The Camino De Santiago De Compostela.

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