Day 23 Walking The Camino De Santiago – Bercianos Del Real Camino to Mansilla

Day 23 Walking The Camino De Santiago – Bercianos Del Real Camino to Mansilla

Day 23 Walking The Camino De Santiago – Bercianos Del Real Camino to Mansilla

We walked out of Bercianos Del Real Camino feeling great after a wonderful stay in Albergue Santa Clara. It was warm, cosy homely and the hospitalera, Rosa, really goes the extra mile, because she lives from a place of service.

We were so glad that we stayed in Albergue Santa Clara because if we had carried on walking the extra 5km we would of had to stay in the coldest bleakest albergue on the camino, according to those that stayed there. Even in their sleeping bags the South American boys said that they shivered all night.

Rosa’s story is a movie script, one that could be much more penetrating than “The Way” with Martin Sheen. Our hospitalera, Rosa, told us how she had walked the Camino three times in a bid to rid herself of cancer, in which she was told by the doctors she would die of.

When she walked the Camino De Santiago, she was too weak to carry all her stuff, so her husband walked with her and carried her medications, which included a multitude of herbs and alternative remedies.

Rosa walked the whole Camino three times before she was told by the doctors that there was no more sign of cancer in her body, and now she lives on the Camino and serves the passing pilgrims with her beautiful Albergue and beautiful heart. Albergue Santa Clara is a home from home and with everything by donation, everyone can afford to stop there for the night.

Let Rosa know you read this so she knows the impact that she is having.

It is curious but common that people are attracted to the Camino De Santiago when they are sick. For some people it is walk or die. There are many homages to people along the Santiago Trail, were they have breathed their last breath and dropped.

I don’t think that it is a sad thing. I see it as courageous and I suppose that many people know that they are going to go, so rather than be in a hospital or sitting in front of the TV or in bed, they decide to walk the Camino.

For some the Santiago trail will actually heal them. The power of walking and fresh country air alone is very healing and then coupled with the spiritual energy of the Camino, many people do heal and transform their lives, just as Rosa did. For others it is their last adventure in the world.

Either way it is great and a win, win. This is the reality of walking the Santiago trail.

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