Why did so Many People Turn Their Back on the Law Of Attraction!

Why did so Many People Turn Their Back on the Law Of Attraction!

Just why did so many people turn their backs on the law of attraction?

Well, first of all, the mainstream world first started hearing of this mysterious universal law when “The Secret” movie was released in 2006. But it is nothing new and has been taught for many centuries, but some authors and teachers have focused in on it, like it is some sort of holy grail that explains everything.

Far from it!…And this is why we see so many turning their backs on it now, because they say that it didn’t work for them. I even heard Wayne Dyer say in an interview that whilst out walking, he was confronted by some wacko with a gun threatening to shoot him if he didn’t get off his land. 

Dyer went on to say how he was confused about why the law of attraction had given him that experience, as he was focused on gratitude at the time. And of course the law of attraction states that if you focus on and feel gratitude then you will attract more things to be grateful for.

This is most peoples story, who took the law of attraction as gospel. Of course the idea falls apart over time. Some people continue to hold onto it and beat themselves up that they are no doing it right, and they must focus harder or learn to visualise better and tune into the feelings more.

It is wise to see the law of attraction and other ancient teachings, not as absolutes but as tools and skills that you learn along the way. To say, this is IT about anything, is like picking up a hammer and stating that this is what you need to build a house, or learning the skill of bricklaying and saying that it is all you need.

There are many layers to life and consciousness. It is an intricate web, which is all connected, but nothing is stand alone. Learning to appreciate it all in all it’s magnificence, will move us further in our evolution than anything.

I personally loved the Law of Attraction movement that happened in the last decade, because one thing it did was got people to take responsibility for their lives and allowed them to dream again, and feel that they could change their circumstances by changing their attitudes of mind. 

I just knew that there was more to it and I then stumbled upon another very profound teaching and philosophy, in the form of “The Hero’s Journey” By Joseph Campbell. The Hero’s Journey is another part of the matrix of our existence, and understanding it, demonstrates why the law of attraction doesn’t work in the way we think it works. Understanding “The Hero’s Journey” explains why Wayne Dyer was threatened by a wacko with a gun when he was in a state of gratitude.

I will continue this conversation with you tomorrow and go deeper into “The Hero’s Journey” and what it is!

With appreciation,

Matthew Armstrong
(Dragon Slayer)

“Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our greatest treasure”

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