Why Did God do This to ME? The Power to Choose Meaning!

Why Did God do This to ME? The Power to Choose Meaning!

Have you ever had the experience were everything just seems to be going against you, and it just seems like God doesn’t have your back, or is purposely tripping you up and laughing at you?

I think that we have all had this experience in one form or another and even hard core atheists at breaking point may glance to the heavens in hope of receiving grace in some form. I remember an atheist friend of mine telling me how he found God very fast when the flight he was on, unexpectedly took a nose dive.

Anyway I am not preaching “the word” here, or anything like that. I am just going to use a common phrase that most people have said at least once in their lives — as a point of learning. “Why did God do this to me?”

First of all this isn’t a very empowering thing to say. Primarily because God is no likely to answer you…at least not verbally or in a way that you can immediately understand. 

What else does this question infer? well, you are saying that there is someone or something else to blame for your life situation. You are giving away responsibility and also your power to change the situation.

What else? Well, It creates victim mentality. The victim thinks that they are powerless and only something outside of themselves can help them.

The truth is that the greatest power we have at our disposal is the ability to alter our experience by shifting our attitude to one of appreciation. It is through asking empowering questions as opposed to disempowering questions, which allows us to make this miraculous shift.

“Challenges are not to be avoided, but overcome. A challenge is an opportunity for learning and growth. The simple act of perceiving something in a different way can also transform our experience of it.”

I just wrote the above post on FB which then unfolded into this message that I am transmitting to you now. We could choose to have the belief that life is a school and that learning and growth happens as a result of trials and tests. Or we could believe that life is a game and then our experience will be altered by this as well. The freedom we have is incredible, if only we realise it!

“I’ve got 99 problems but the bitch ain’t 1”
           (You choose) 😉
“I’ve got 99 growth opportunities and avoidance ain’t 1”

I used to have  a client and every time I spoke with him, I would ask how his week was. His reply for the first few weeks was “problems, problems, problems.” Until I got him to tear down the flashing neon sign that said, problems, and got him to replace it with “Growth opportunities” Just this simple shift in language, dropped his stress levels considerably and allowed him to start seeing the world in a different way. 

There is great power encoded into words…I invite you to use them wisely!

With appreciation,

Matthew Armstrong
(Dragon slayer)

“Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our greatest treasure”

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