What is Karma? You can’t Have it Both Ways…It’s Your Karma!

What is Karma? You can’t Have it Both Ways…It’s Your Karma!

The title of this message can be interpreted in many ways, so I will leave it up to you! ūüėČ

I received an email from someone telling me that¬†my channel being¬†cyber attacked, was my karma coming to bite me. Some people are so superstitious! I was a little superstitious when I was younger and would never walk under a ladder ‚ÄĒ¬†until I got a job in construction and I would have¬†to walk under a few dozen ladders everyday. The amazing thing was that my life got no worse, but actually improved!¬†

So lets get back to this funny idea about karma. If someone attacks you in some way and then the next day they get attacked. You might nod your head knowingly and say, “Karma”! But what about the attack on you, that would also have to karma wouldn’t it! You can’t have it both ways and say “Oh it’s karma for them, but I¬†am a poor victim.”

Most people who believe in karma, like to pick and choose when it applies. If you are going to believe in it then you must accept the idea that whenever something crappy happens to you that it is your karma. Deformed babies being born in Baghdad from the depleted uranium fallout? is it their karma? If you believe in the idea then you would have to say, yes!

There was a celebrity being interviewed on national television and the interviewer was questioning him about his beliefs, one of them being karma. the interviewer asked him a similar question about people being born with disabilities, to which he had to stay true to his belief, or else appear wrong. Much to his detriment, his ratings dropped considerably and he was slated by the tabloids.

It’s a concept that I have viewed from every conceivable angle and I prefer not to use the word karma. There is a heaviness to it and it¬†generally comes with a lot of one sided judgement. Understanding the Universal Law of Cause and Effect seems to be a far more balanced way of looking at the world and events and takes the superstition out of it.

I remember a wise man once say to me that when someone stands out and shines their light brightly, they will inevitably be attacked, and if you look at history, many of them even killed for being true to themselves and others.

If you want to avoid criticism and¬†even attack, then simply conform. Do what everyone around you expects you to do. Don’t stand out in any way and don’t speak out in any way.¬†

The best way for me NOT to have my Youtube channel attacked, would have been to not have one in the first place. That certainly would have avoided me much criticism. Secondary to that, would be to have a channel that appeals to mainstream culture. I could talk about the latest fashion, whats popular on TV or the best tourist destinations.

Instead I choose to focus on topics that are most helpful to people, but, which also very interestingly tend to push peoples buttons the most and cause the greatest reaction. Diet, money, conscious living, sex and veganism to name but a few. Remember, whatever pushes your buttons the most, is what you can learn the most from and can be most valuable to your life.

With appreciation,

Matthew Armstrong,
(Dragon Slayer)
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