The Best Ways To Make Money Online in 2015

The Best Ways To Make Money Online in 2015

The Best Ways To Make Money Online in 2015

As marketers we are often looking for new ways to make money online and testing the latest and greatest software or ninja strategy that we learned from Frank Kern or some other top guru marketer.

While it is a good idea to keep up to date with new current trends, it is also a good idea to stick with the old trends and strategies that have stood the test of time and been proven to work and that still work today.

There are a few things that have worked for me and that I continue to do on a daily basis, which then continues to grow my online empire. There are three free marketing strategies that are the bricks and mortar of the internet. These three marketing strategies will never disappear otherwise there will be no internet.

Number 1 is email marketing. I first went online in 1999, and I am not talking about business, but simply went online. I was going back-packing around the world and someone said to me “you need an email address, then you can keep in touch with people.”

At that time I set up a hotmail account. I then saw that I could find out information about different places I would be visiting on my round the world trip. I learned to surf the internet. Through this thing called “surfing the net” I discovered a blog by someone who had visited Thailand and gave advice on where to go and stay. I am not sure if it was called a blog back then. It may have been called an online diary or something.

If video had been around back then then I am sure that I would have taken advantage of that, but technology was not that advanced yet, and upload and download speeds could not have handled video. But since around 2005, online video and vlogging have been growing in popularity and there is no sign of a decrease or reason why it would decrease.

So like most people over the age of twenty five I have been online for the whole of the twenty first century and in that time I have always had an email address and always signed up to various things I have been interested in to receive information via email. That has been a constant!

I have also always used the search engines to find quality content, which has come to me in the form of articles and blogs. Usually through these articles and blogs, I end up subscribing to something or other, or buying a product.

Video has grown in popularity over the last 10 years and is probably neck and neck now with written content online. Video is King, really, and then that would make text content, Queen. The internet will always have both.

I am not going to get into paid advertising and marketing methods in this post. They can be very powerful in the short term if executed correctly, but if you stop paying for a Facebook ad then it is no longer there next month, or even the next day.

I recently did a search for Tai Chi videos using a general search term, and what came up on page 1 of google was a video that I had made and uploaded five years ago. It wasn’t even on youtube, but another video host that I used back then and couldn’t even remember the name of it. The video itself had received thousands of hits. I had completely forgot that I made the video and was surprised to see it.

Unfortunately the link that was under it was broken as I was no longer promoting that product, but it just goes to show—whatever content you put online, whether, video, article or blog, it stays there for the long haul and without any effort from you, could be making it’s way up the search engines. This same content could still be there in ten or twenty years or longer. Who knows? Your grandchildren may be able to do a search and find your videos or blogs that you post fifty or sixty years from now! This is why it is always a good idea to post quality content! 😉

When you post your videos and blogs you want to be smart. You want to also have a call to action at the end of your blog or under your video. Have a clickable link, which will send the person to a capture page so that they can then enter their email address to receive more information from you.

This will build your list of subscribers and you can email them whenever you wish and send them offers and information. I know a young man of only 26 years of age called, Shaqir Hussein, and he emails his list everyday and says that every email he sends out makes him between ten and fifteen thousand dollars.

So stop chasing the next shiny object, business opportunity, or super push button software. Star building your online empire by writing a daily blog post, making a daily video and connecting them to a capture page, where you then collect email addresses. You then send your email list quality and valuable information in the area that you are specialising in and attach offers to this information.

To give you an example, I love personal development and being free to live an awesome lifestyle, so I affiliate to a system that offers the best personal development training going, plus the tools and training to be able to make an income online, so you can be free to live an awesome lifestyle while learning and growing at the same time and being part of a community of people who are committed to empowering each other and holding one another to a higher standard.

You want to affiliate to offers that are congruent with your message, otherwise there can be a disconnect and your subscribers may wonder why you are sending them offers that they have no interest in.

In conclusion, think about the long term. Every blog post or video you upload is a piece of virtual real estate. It will always be there unless you personally remove it. So make sure you post quality stuff. The best way to make money online in 2015 is not so different from what the best way was back in 1999.

The only real addition is video marketing. Image if you made a commitment to make a video, write a blog post and email your list everyday for the next 5 years. The results would be staggering. You want to make money online in 2015 and beyond, then make this commitment and you will build an online empire!

Click here now to join me on this march or dance to freedom! : )

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