Miracles are Real! You Don’t have to be Religious or Spiritual to Believe in Miracles!

Miracles are Real! You Don’t have to be Religious or Spiritual to Believe in Miracles!

You don’t have to consider yourself religious, spiritual or anything like that to understand that miracles are real. It was William James that said, “The greatest discovery of any generation is that a humans can alter their lives by altering their attitudes.”

It is easy to read that quote and think,”oh, that’s nice positive thinking” and then forget about it. But the complete in depth understanding of it is actually earth shattering.

When we change our attitude to a person, to an event or to the world then that thing also changes…and that is a miracle. That is the power we have.

Let me give you a simple example. I was once on a silent meditation retreat. There was another guy on it that I was sure was Irish. He looked Irish, he often wore green, he had a celtic tattoo and he never turned up to morning meditation on time!

After 11 days of silence, the retreat ended, so I engaged him in conversation. We talked mainly about our experiences on the retreat and I was trying to place his accent all the while. I thought that he was probably from the west coast of Ireland. After 5 minutes of chatter, I asked him whereabouts he was from, to which he replied “Canada”! It turned out that he had never stepped foot in Ireland, but it was my senses that had been fooled by my belief!

Perception creates the reality we see. We choose our perceptions…often through default. We have been unconsciously programmed from before birth, right up until now. But through conscious awareness we can change this programming.

This can be achieved through meditation, self analysis and learning new things that tax and challenge us in various ways. Learn how the mind works and learn how to direct and navigate it. There are many levels to thinking but few realise this.

“Thinking is just thinking…right?” No it’s not. Most people don’t think…they simply rearrange their prejudices. Most people are so afraid of their beliefs being wrong that they will do anything but think and analyse them.

It is said that we have between 2-4 million bits of information entering our five senses at any moment, but we can only consciously process 134 bits of information in any moment. “What happens to all the other bits?” you may ask. Good question! Those other few million bits get deleted, distorted and generalised.

When I first learned this, I found it fascinating. It’s a game changer, it changes everything. Suddenly everything Morpheus said, makes sense! 😉

“So why isn’t this stuff taught in school?” You may wonder. This isn’t even taught in a university psychology degree, and for good reason. They don’t want people to think for themselves. If kids knew this then they might question or challenge the status quo. They want everyone to buy into the model of reality that they are giving you. Critical thinking is frowned upon and punished!

There is a great power in questions and asking the right questions will allow you to shift your perceptions so that you can show up to life in a more resourceful and empowered state.

“what if this belief I hold isn’t true?”
“What else could this mean?”
“What empowering meaning could I give it?”
“what are the benefits to this seemingly terrible situation?”

“What’s great about this that I am not getting?”

Simple questions like this can change your whole life and reality in an instant…and that my friend, is a miracle!

With appreciation,

Matthew Armstrong

(Dragon Slayer)

“Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our greatest treasure.”

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