Giving someone access to your Amazon S3 Account.

Giving someone access to your Amazon S3 Account.

Isn’t Amazon S3 one of the least user friendly services on the web?  I mean really!  It’s obviously made by techy people, for techy people.  With very little thought about simplifying it for lay users.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Amazon S3 and have been hosting my Video and Audio files with them for years.  I have an app on my Macbook called “S3Hub” and I simply click on the app to open it, click on the ‘bucket’ I want to place my files into and then simply drag and drop the files into the app. Simple.

But every now and then I need to log into my Amazon S3 account, and when I do, I find the interface daunting and unfriendly.  And I like to consider myself to be a techy person.

Today, I signed up for a service called Otixo, where you can easily drag and drop files between Cloud Hosting services.  The plan was… I would transfer a large quantity of video files from Amazon S3 to my Dropbox, from where I could have then auto uploaded to Vimeo.  (I thought this would save me time, rather than downloading each video and re-uploading it to vimeo.).  Anyway, when I went to add my Amazon S3 Account to Otixo, I realised that I no longer had the Access Keys.  So I logged into my S3 account only to find out that my old Root access keys are gone forver, and I need to create a new temporary user.  I did this quickly and then went to my Otixo account, only to find that it would not connect, no matter what I did.

Then I realised, I had to grant this new user permissions.  After some fiddling around, I finally found out how to do it.  And thought that if you are in the same position, this quick video tutorial might help.

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