Deleting Programs in the Brain and Installing New Ones. Beyond NLP And Into The Matrix!

Deleting Programs in the Brain and Installing New Ones. Beyond NLP And Into The Matrix!

Often we are on auto pilot, repeating what we did the day before or the weekend before. We don’t consciously design our lives and then we wonder where our life went.

What are you doing now? why are you reading this message? What is your intention? Self analysis can be tough, but necessary for making empowering changes in our lives.

Our lives are made up of our habits and the empowering thing is in knowing that all habits can be changed. if you want  a certain result in your life but you are missing the mark, then it is simply because you have programs running in your brain that don’t support the achievement of whatever it is you want.

These programs must be deleted and new ones installed. This works for anything you desire, but lets use the example of weight loss as about 70% of the US population is overweight and the rest of the western world is not far behind that. It is also a subject that I have written about and talked about extensively over the years.

Losing weight is super easy. In fact it can be summed up in five words. Eat less and move more in it’s most basic sense — yet there is a billion dollar industry dedicated to helping you lose weight. The bodybuilding/muscle building industry is not far behind weight loss now either, and that too can be distilled down to five words.  Eat more and lift heavier. 

Of course there is much tweaking that can be done to garnish better results, but anyone who follows this consistently will see results over time. But why can’t people get this? It is because they have programs installed in their brain that make them do the contrary, and as long as they don’t delete their disempowering programs and install new ones then they will never get their desired results.

Most folks are looking for the illusory short cut, and most people in the industry that offer short cuts, profit big time, but the people buying them are virtually no better off.

“You want abs? Here put these electronic pads onto you belly and your abs will magically appear. You can do this while watching your favourite show on TV”

“Lose weight using this green tea that has been sourced from virtually unreachable mountains in China. It speeds up your metabolism and kicks your thyroid into gear! it’s the secret of the Chinese!” (No…the secret of the Chinese is that they eat less and move more.)

So the question then is “How do I delete these programs and install new ones?”

1. Awareness: Become aware that something needs to change and you have the power to change it!

2. Honesty: Get real with yourself and step up to the mark. look at the seemingly difficult tasks that you must face and overcome.

3. Powerful questions: Ask yourself questions that will disrupt the old patterns and habits and start to install new ones. (This is were the magic happens with deleting old programs and installing new ones.)


“Is this the highest priority action I could be taking right now to achieve my desires?” If not…

“What is the most beneficial activity I can do to achieve my desires?”

4. Shake up your routine: Start brushing your teeth with your other hand. Take a different route to work, or  a different mode of transport. Do a 24 hour water fast. Eat with your other hand. Learn something new. Hire a coach or trainer.

This will give you more behavioural flexibility and get you out of behavioural rigidity. behavioural rigidity is what many people are suffering from and it can be a killer!

5. Consistent action: You must be consistent with the changes until your new habit forms and then it will be effortless.

Just remember that it all starts with awareness and maybe this message has achieved that, so now go to step two! 😉

With appreciation,

Matthew Armstrong

(Dragon Slayer)

“Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our greatest treasure.”

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