90 Day Life Transformation – From Mediocrity to Mastery (Day 1)

90 Day Life Transformation – From Mediocrity to Mastery (Day 1)

Are you ready to transform your life forever? Then step over the threshold and embark on a journey with me. 90 day life transformation from mediocrity to mastery!

In this life transformation video training program we will be following the teachings of human behaviour specialist Dr John Demartini and his groundbreaking work and discoveries around how our values shape our lives.

We will be reading from the book “The Values Factor” which is Dr John Demartini’s latest bestselling book.

To follow the program you will not only need to watch the videos but you will also need to purchase the book “The Values factor” and also complete the exercises that are in “The Values Factor”!

This will be the most powerful and effective pesonal development program that you ever undertake. 

This is about learning about and discovering who you are and then creating your inspired vision for your life and then taking daily steps towards it’s attainment which brings true life fulfillment.

These 90 days are about aligning your life and also achieving a big goal that will give momentum and confidence in your abilities.

I have called the 90 transformation program From Mediocrity to Mastery, because mediocrity is living a quiet life of desperation and mastery is when you decide to break free and breakthrough to a new and inspired way of living.

I look forward to being your guide on this 90 day life transformation program.

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With Appreciation,

Matthew Armstong
(The dragon slayer)

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